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Sofia Coppola Gives ‘Priscilla’ The Spotlight in First Teaser

Sofia Coppola is one of our finest working directors. While her last film, the meandering 2020 flick On the Rocks was a bit of a snooze fest, any project she’s behind is worth checking out. Her latest, Priscilla, might require some gentle nudging.


In light of Priscilla Presley's diary Elvis and Me, this personal family show follows her life and relationship with Elvis Presley. Cailee Spaeny (Devs, Pacific Edge: Uprising) and Jacob Elordi (Happiness) star as the couple, with Coppola likewise composing the content. While there's no authority delivery date yet, the mystery for the A24 film enlightens Coppola's propensity for delicate, cloudy feel and spotlights on the clear womanliness of a person like Priscilla — similar to the manner in which she catches juvenile wonderment in Marie Antoinette such that likewise caught the guile of her riches. Her touch and comprehension of the chill made by popularity could make a powerful coincidence for the story they're attempting to tell. What doesn't help is that Elvis came out last year and won enormous recognition with star Austin Head servant getting an Oscar selection for his exhibition. While it's fascinating to see an alternate side of similar story, offering Priscilla a degree of organization not frequently given to ladies in biopics about Virtuoso Men type, individuals may be Elvis exhausted. In any case, turning the tables and permitting Priscilla to become the dominant focal point, perhaps this time their huge age hole will be tended to.

The greatest grievance though is the casting. Elordi as Elvis is laughable. It continues to be mind-blowing but also not at all shocking that he’s received so much PR and press attention on the heels of Euphoria when he’s the least interesting part. It recalls the bit in HBO’s Barry where they joke about how Hollywood Execs are obsessed with white men over 6 feet. Is Elordi talented or just tall.

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